Give me the weird shit.

Elena Fernández Collins is a genderfluid podcast critic and reporter and a forensic sociolinguist living in Portland, OR. She curates a biweekly newsletter about audio fiction, Audio Dramatic, where she reviews episodes and provides essays and news for the community. She also covers the audio fiction podcast beat for The Bello Collective, an indie online publication about podcasting, and is a contributor to The AV Club’s Podmass, among others. In the time that she’s not trying to promote audio fiction and indie creators in the podcasting sphere, she’s working on a linguistics thesis about non-native English speaker comprehension of the Miranda rights in the United States.

They started writing about podcasts on Twitter in 2017 and became deeply involved with the audio fiction community, before transitioning to formal reviews and reporting at the Bello Collective in 2018. There, they received the support and honing of their craft that they needed to start their own website and expand their repertoire.

She is infamous in certain writer’s rooms for the line “give me the weird shit” when asked about what she wants to hear more of in podcasting.


The A.V. Club presents David Lynch's Dune | Music Box Theatre

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Featured In

  • NPR’s 1A: Lost in the World of Audio Fiction, Guest
  • HowlRound Theater Commons: Growth, Impact, and Accessibility with Podcast Critic and Advocate Elena Fernández Collins
  • No Bad Ideas: Guest
    • Episode 107 We Are Not a Con
    • Episode 108 Give Us a Sign
  • Tuned In, Dialed Up: Guest
    • Episode 8 Engaging Community
    • Episode 15 Ethics in Podcasting
    • Episode 34 PodTales Festival Discussion
    • Episode 40 Spoilers Ahoy! This Sounds Serious
    • Episode 48 Industry Acquisitions with Ely and Evo
  • Ostium Podcast: voice of Marisol, the Pizza Delivery Person


  • PodTales 2020: Virtual organizer; panel moderator for “Complicating Representation”, panel member for “Get It Out There: Marketing Your Podcast”, and live in conversation with Raul Vega “The Role of Music in Storytelling”
  • Podcast Movement 2019: co-curator for the new fiction track, along with Wil Williams
  • PodTales 2019: Live in Conversation with Jordan Cobb & moderator for “Invisible Bodies” panel
  • International Podcast Day 2018: Audio Fiction as a Diverse Gateway into Podcasting