Spotify Launches “Wrapped for Podcasters” Campaign

Right on the heels of Spotify’s release of podcast data is the launch of the first Wrapped for Podcasters, a data-driven summary story of each podcast’s unique year for their creators, like is provided for musicians and listeners. You can watch their launch video below and you can access your own at the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard:

Courtesy of Spotify

The Spotify for Podcasters dashboard is meant to help creators track analytical stats, like average listening time and episode streams, and it looks like it’s not going to stop growing anytime soon. (Note that the dashboard had already been providing demographic data like this since it came out of beta in August). With the addition of Wrapped for Podcasters, it brings the podcaster dashboard a little bit more in line to that of musicians, and creates things like share card with some of the most relevant data. The personalized Wrapped experience gives podcasters facts about their audience throughout the year, including their top episodes, top countries, and the two farthest countries in their listening base.

Spotify Wrapped for Small Doses with Amanda Seales.

As mentioned in Spotify’s data release earlier this month, their podcast consumption increased 39% in the last quarter, with over 500,000 podcasts available on Spotify. Spotify’s enormous strides this year have likely been the result of their continued development in the podcasting space, including the acquisition Gimlet and Anchor and launching Spotify original content, as well as tools like the ability to make podcast playlists.

One of the barriers to their entry has been the podcasting community, who have been in turns skeptical and welcoming of the new media giant. I’m intrigued to see where Spotify goes from here in developing its tool and storytelling offerings to podcast creators. I expect we’ll see more refinement to the recommendation algorithm for listeners, but I’m especially interested in the future of the dashboard, and whether Spotify will step into needs like ad placement, live show announcements, and merchandising sales.

The complete description for all of Spotify’s Wrapped 2019 offerings can be read here.

Update: You can read more about Wrapped for Podcasters at their blog post.